About Us

Founded in 2008 by several of the nation’s leading credit unions and CUSO’s, Student Choice has accomplished what no single credit union could. With cooperation and a keen focus on the future, the CUSO’s innovative private student lending program has allowed hundreds of credit unions to deliver millions of dollars in value to those seeking higher education. These organizations are investors in a new model that is positioning credit unions as leaders in 21st century education finance.

The Product is Yours

Student Choice puts your credit union directly in the student lending business so that you can serve your members with products, services, and rates designed by you. Our network enables you to make school-certified private student loans and hold them on your own balance sheet, without adding any additional staff. Under this scenario, you'll be able to recognize the full value stream that can only come from a long-term productive loan relationship. This is not a referral program - it is your loan with your member at the most critical stage of their young financial lives. This unique solution will give you the opportunity to grow and diversify your loan portfolio while helping you solidify lifelong relationships with young adults who are the future of your credit union.

The Expertise is Ours

By pooling our collective resources, Credit Union Student Choice has centralized the expertise necessary to stay on top of this rapidly changing market. With our network of best-of-breed partners, we manage the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of private student lending, such as:

  • loan origination, processing, and servicing
  • 24x7 call center support
  • web services, including online application
  • hands-on support and guidance

This collaborative structure allows you to do what you do best - use prudent underwriting to lend member deposits at appropriate terms, providing superior economic value to borrowers while bringing revenue growth and member relationships to the credit union.