The Student Choice Solution


Student Choice is the leading provider of higher education financing solutions to America's credit unions - now serving nearly 250 credit unions and their 20 million members. Founded, designed, and owned by several of the nation's leading credit unions and CUSO, Student Choice enables our credit union partners to efficiently  and prudently enter the private student lending market.

Epitomizing the collaborative spirit of the credit union movement, our networked business model gives credit unions of all asset sizes the ability to offer a school-certified private student lending solution that delivers real value to the borrower, as well as the credit union's bottom line.

This is your loan and your value, delivered to your member at the most critical stage of their young financial lives.

While credit unions retain full control of the program, Student Choice manages all of the key operational challenges, including:

  • loan origination and processing
  • school-certification (whereby the college financial aid office verifies enrollment, academic progress, and requested loan amount)
  • call center support
  • loan servicing

In addition, Student Choice provides hands-on marketing, training, and business development support to best position your credit union for success, enabling you to recognize maximum return from long-term lending relationships.

To determine if Student Choice is the right partner for your credit union, take some time to review key decision points and our lending process.