Responsible Private Credit Student Loans: Necessary and Viable


By John Hupalo, Founder and CEO of Invite Education & Paul Sheldon, Managing Director of Student Loan Capital Strategies

Despite the current negative rhetoric about private student loans, lenders recognize that well underwritten, responsible loan programs provide students with the capital necessary to achieve their dreams of a college education. One key to creating responsible programs for today's students is understanding what worked well in the past and what should be avoided.

The current marketplace for student loans in the United States can best be described as transitory. The financial crisis starting in 2007, and the U.S. Government's virtual nationalization of the student loan market in 2010 fundamentally changed, perhaps forever, the funding sources for students and families seeking loans- thereby creating new opportunities for some while putting others out of business.

To better understand the context for this historic shift, this white paper offers a brief history of the student loan programs in the United States with particular focus on the private student loan market. It then provides an in-depth examination of the fundamental credit drivers in the market place, analyzes the performance characteristics of securitized loan pools, and evaluates the economics of the private credit student loan business.

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