Loan Processing and Funding Questions

How long does the process take from loan request to disbursement?

During peak loan season (July through September), please allow 20 business days from the time you submit your completed loan documents. Though your loan may be processed, it is up to the school to "certify" your loan. Certification involves selecting a disbursement date and loan amount for your loan. The school has the final say on when your loan disburses and in what amount. During non-peak season, please allow 7 to 10 business days from the time your completed loan application has been submitted.

Can I have the funds sent directly to me?

No. Loan funds are disbursed directly to your school. Each school processes refunds differently. If you need funding for miscellaneous expenses such as off-campus housing, please check with your school to find out their specific procedure for refund issuance.

I requested my funds late and my school has a due date for funding that I cannot meet. What can I do to avoid late fees?

If you requested your draw late, please let your financial aid office and your bursar’s office know that you have been approved for a loan. If the school requires proof that you are approved for the loan, ask the financial aid office which documents will suffice for proof that the loan is in-process. After speaking with the financial aid office, contact your bursar to inquire how they manage late fees and if they can be waived.

I requested more money than I received in a disbursement. Why didn’t I get my full requested amount?

Though you requested a particular loan amount, your school might have certified your loan for a lesser amount. The process of school certification allows your college to have control over your loan amount and when the loan funds (disbursement date). School certification involves the college in the borrowing process for its students, thereby ensuring that students are managing their educational debt wisely.

How can I lower (or cancel) my request?

Depending on the timing of your request, we may be able to accommodate your request. Please call the Student Choice call center to discuss your options. When necessary, we may have you contact the Financial Aid Office at your school.

How do I submit my documents to loan processing?

You may submit documents by secure upload, fax or mail.

  • Scan and Upload: You can safely and securely upload your imaged loan documents directly to Loan Processing by clicking Returning Borrower on your credit union's Student Choice website. Once you enter your username and password, choose "Upload Loan Documentation" from the menu and follow the instructions.
  • Fax: If you are unable to utilize the scan and upload feature, you can also print a prefilled Fax Cover sheet from within the Returning Borrower area in order to fax your documents.
  • Mail: To mail via USPS, please send documents to:

CU Student Choice Loan Processing
PO Box 51-482
Ontario, California 91761

Can I email my documents to Loan Processing?

Email is not a secure method of transmission and we do NOT support emailing as an option.

However, you may securely upload your documents by clicking the “Returning Borrower” link on your credit union’s Student Choice website and then selecting the "Upload Loan Documentation" link.