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School Certification Info Questions

What is a school-certified loan?

After full approval, your loan request will be forwarded to your school for verification of enrollment and certification of the loan amount (based on financial need as determined by your school). Once certified, the money will be sent to the school at the time(s) specified by the school for that academic year. Excess loan funds sent to the school (beyond what the school itself requires) will be disbursed to the student by the school. View a listing of our approved schools to see if your school is included before you apply. NOTE: Approved schools are subject to change.

What is the cost of attendance and how is it calculated?

Cost of attendance is the estimated cost of completing a year of full-time attendance at a college or university. The estimate is determined by the school and generally includes tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and personal and miscellaneous expenses. The schools financial aid office uses these costs to develop standard student budgets for awarding financial aid funds.

If the loan amount is certified by my school, why do I need to enter a requested loan amount on the application?

We still need to know how much you would like us to disburse. For example, your school may certify $10,000, but you only need $5,000 because you have other funds (such as savings) to pay the remaining cost.

What if my school is not on the list of approved schools?

The Credit Union Student Choice private loan solution is available to many public and private non-profit degree granting schools nationwide. Unfortunately, if your school is not included in our approved list then you are not eligible at this time. However, you may still wish to contact the credit union for other possible loan options. Please note that the eligible schools list is subject to change without notice.