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Fixed vs. Variable Rate Student Loans

When searching for private student loans, you may find some lenders offer both a fixed and a variable rate option. What does this mean, and what are the pros and cons of each? Fixed Interest Rate A fixed rate loan is exactly as it sounds – the interest rate is [...]

Fixed vs. Variable Rate Student Loans2021-05-24T13:36:37-05:00

Federal Student Loan Payment Suspension – What You Need to Know

Updated March 1, 2021 With the extension of certain federal loan repayment measures through September 30, 2021, many borrowers may be wondering what this means for their loans, and if they should continue making payments if they are able. Full details are available at https://studentaid.gov/announcements-events/coronavirus, but below we have shared [...]

Federal Student Loan Payment Suspension – What You Need to Know2021-05-24T13:40:29-05:00

Appealing Your Award Letter

Given the current state of the economy, there’s a good chance your family’s financial situation has changed since you completed your FAFSA. With award letters from colleges already in your hands, how do you request additional financial aid to cover your college costs? Our partners at Edmit have outlined the [...]

Appealing Your Award Letter2021-05-19T16:39:07-05:00

How to Find Last Minute Funding for College

You completed the FAFSA. You received scholarships through your high school. You and your parents reviewed your financial aid award letter from your college, and decided to take out federal student loans to pay for college. Now your tuition bill is due, and there's still a remaining balance - what [...]

How to Find Last Minute Funding for College2021-05-19T16:40:02-05:00
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