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Hundreds of credit unions across the country offer Student Choice loan & refinance solutions – use our search tool to find the credit union that’s the best fit for you.

Credit Union Student Choice Partners

When you work with a Student Choice credit union to finance your college education or graduate degree, or to pay down your student loans, you're gaining a partner that will help you make responsible financial decisions for the rest of your life! Select your credit union from our list, or use the tool below to find a credit union near where you live or attend school.

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Student Choice private student lending solutions are available from hundreds of credit unions nationwide. Use our search tool to find a credit union near where you live or attend school, or click here to view our entire list of participating credit unions by state.


NOTE: In order to apply for a loan, you must first pick an individual credit union from which you wish to borrow. You can apply for the loan without being a member of the credit union you select, but you will need to become a member of that credit union in order to receive a funded loan. Therefore, it's important that you select a credit union that you will be eligible to join. Credit union membership requirements can range from where you live to place of employment to the school you are attending.

The Credit Union Student Choice CU Finder Program is based on membership criteria provided by the individual Credit Unions. The Program makes no guarantees regarding accuracy, nor implies a guarantee that you will in fact be eligible to join the listed Credit Unions.