Mental Health Resources for College Students

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and as high school graduates prepare to enter college this fall, it's important to know how to handle the stress that can come with such a big life change. A study by Inside Higher Ed/College Pulse found the top three stressors for college students [...]

Mental Health Resources for College Students2022-06-07T04:53:28-05:00

What is Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?

There is a lot of confusing language (and plenty of acronyms) when it comes to paying for college and financial aid. You may be surprised to know that "expected family contribution" or "EFC" is not necessarily the amount of money your family will actually end up paying your college. So [...]

What is Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?2022-04-22T15:59:31-05:00

Steps to Take as Interest Rates Increase

The Federal Reserve announced an interest rate increase on March 16, 2022 - the first since 2018. But what does that mean for the general public? And what, if anything, do you you need to do now? If you have loans or credit cards, the interest rate determines how much [...]

Steps to Take as Interest Rates Increase2022-03-21T15:19:06-05:00

Tax Benefits for College Students

Did you know you can take advantage of special tax breaks just for college students and their parents? These benefits come in the form of tax credits and deductions when you file your income tax return. What’s the difference? A credit reduces the amount of income tax you have to [...]

Tax Benefits for College Students2022-01-18T12:47:56-06:00
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