Empower U Conference 2015

Empower U 2015 Highlights

State of the [Student Choice] Nation

Presented by Scott Patterson, President, Credit Union Student Choice Kick off the day with a look at the evolution of Student Choice.

Not only will you learn where we are today (and how we got here), but most importantly, find out where we are going!

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Paint by Numbers: Using Data to Draw a Clear Picture of Student Loan Portfolio Performance

Presented by Brad Bowland, VP, Portfolio Analytics; Alec Reinstadtler, VP Business Development, Loan Science

Data experts Brad Bowland and Alec Reinstadtler will take a deep dive into the Student Choice loan portfolio to review important trends, analyze past and present repayment performance, and forecast long-term projections. As a result, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of key performance indicators that can be applied to your own portfolio.

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The Fine Print: Navigating Key Issues in Today’s Legislative and Regulatory Minefield

Presented by Renee Buckner, VP Regulatory Control & Compliance, Credit Union Student Choice; Kelly Lipinski, Member, McGlinchey Stafford

Get a handle on key regulatory and legislative issues in today’s student lending arena with noted education lending expert Kelly Lipinski and Student Choice compliance guru Renee Buckner.

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InteGREAT: Delivering Superior Member Experience Through Data Integration

Presented by Doug Jabbour, Chief Information Officer, Credit Union Student Choice; Nikki Gaylord, VP Lending, Purdue FCU; Lesli Gick, Purdue FCU; Ben Teske, Loan Administration Officer, America’s First FCU

Integrating Student Choice borrower data into your credit union’s core system and/or online banking can be a powerful tool for enhanced member convenience and relationship development. In this session, you’ll learn how two of your credit union peers have seized on this opportunity.

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Making the Grade in Financial Literacy – Member Education That Resonates

Presented by Dustin Limburg, Marketing Manager, Credit Union Student Choice; Rob LaBreche, CEO, iGrad

Delivering valuable financial education to young adults—and members of all ages—is a key goal for credit unions, especially those with an active student lending program. But what type of content and delivery channel really resonates with millennials (and their parents)? Learn from iGrad CEO Rob LaBreche, whose company has partnered with Student Choice and was built specifically to address those tough questions.

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It’s Complicated: Strategies to Build Real Relationships with Young Adults

Presented by Mike Weber, Chief Marketing Officer, Credit Union Student Choice; Kate Lee, Director of Marketing, Affinity Plus FCU; Jon Reske, VP Marketing, UMassFive FCU; Amy Eagan, VP Marketing and Sales, Georgia’s Own CU

Building genuine long-term relationships with young adults is the holy grail for student lenders. In this session, you’ll not only get a look at some revealing data about Student Choice borrowers, but you’ll also learn about unique marketing strategies from three of your credit union peers.

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The Student Loan Impact: Are Young Consumers Faring Better than Advertised?

Presented by Jim Holt, Chief Revenue Officer, Credit Union Student Choice; Charlie Wise, VP Business Development, TransUnion

Headlines consistently bemoan the challenges faced by today’s student debtors. This session will go beyond the headlines and dive into the details, examining key trends, including how the fastest growing population segment is taking out debt today, how loans are being paid back, interesting characteristics of those that struggle, and how credit unions can help. You will also learn the impact student loans have on future borrowing – specifically, auto loans and mortgages. According to a recent report from TransUnion, the impact may be less than advertised. Charlie Wise from TransUnion will share key insights in this informative session.

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Education, Efficiency and Evolution: Best-Practice Student Lending for Borrowers AND Credit Unions

Presented by Melissa Hunt, Chief Operations Officer, Credit Union Student Choice; Steve Winnie, President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Counsel, CampusDoor

Being a best-practice lender in today’s student lending environment is no simple task. It’s critically important to not only have the right technology platform and products, but also the right people and philosophy. Close out the day with an update on the 2015 peak lending season and a look at exciting enhancements to the Student Choice solution. 

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