Spring Into Action

The time is now to start marketing your Student Loan Refinance program!

Student Choice is pleased to provide comprehensive marketing support to our valued credit union partners. From one-on-one marketing audits, sample copy, campaign creative, to full scale managed marketing solutions, we have the staff and tools you need to educate your members and get the word out about your Student Choice refinance program!

Knowing Your Audience

Essential Launch Marketing

WEBSITE: Home page and online banking banner ads; add to navigation; landing page with clear calls to action

CLEAR COMMUNICATION: Newsletter articles; press release; staff announcement; targeted member email and/or direct mail
Ongoing Marketing Efforts

ORGANIC: Branch signage; brochures; statement inserts; live or recorded staff training and member seminar

DIGITAL: Content and ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs; search engine marketing via Google, Bing, and Yahoo
Targeted Marketing Opportunities

TARGETED: Credit bureau prescreen mailings; affiliate marketing networks; SEG/Alumni relationships; review member ACH payments

Marketing Services

MANAGED: Need help implementing these types of activities to grow your portfolio? We can help with our Managed Marketing Services! See below for details!



Marketing Your Program

Managed Marketing Services

Do you want to grow your student lending portfolio but lack the time or resources to accomplish this on your own?

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A La Carte Marketing Services

Sometimes one package will not fit everyone! Learn more about our A La Carte Marketing Services and how they can help!

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Critical Content

Webinar Recording Details

Title: Should I Refinance My Student Loans?

Information shared in this presentation includes:

  • Understanding types of student loans - Federal and/or Private
  • Understanding interest rates and terms of your student loans in repayment
  • Student loan consolidation vs. student loan refinance
  • Student loan refinance options: What is your payoff strategy? How much could you save by refinancing?


Resources and Ideas of Where to Promote

We have compiled a list of assets for you to use when promoting the "Should I Refinance My Student Loans?" webinar recording. We hope you find these files easy and resourceful. If you need any assistance with these files, please email marketing@studentchoice.org, and we are happy to help.

*Please make sure you change the highlighted "yourcu" to your credit union's proper Student Choice website URL. The link above will not work if this is not changed!

Utilize the following quicklinks to get your student loan refinance marketing efforts off on the right foot!