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Helping you give your members the credit they deserve.

Who is Student Choice?

Founded in 2008 by several of the nation’s leading credit unions and CUSOs, Student Choice has accomplished what no single credit union could. With cooperation and a keen focus on the future, the CUSO’s innovative private student lending program has allowed hundreds of credit unions to deliver millions of dollars in value to those seeking higher education. 

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Existing Credit Union Partners

More than 250 credit unions from across the country have come together to provide families with college financing solutions with the borrower’s best interest in mind. View a complete list of the credit unions currently offering Student Choice loan solutions to their members.

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Our Partners

Credit unions know the importance of cooperative partnerships, and Student Choice recognizes the importance of our business partners to help our business - and yours - continue to grow. Credit Union Student Choice enjoys strategic business alliances with a growing number of organizations.

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Executive Team

Credit Union Student Choice is led by a Board of Directors and Management Team that has a collective wealth of experience in the financial services arena, providing a deep understanding of the challenges faced by credit unions in today's economic landscape. With a keen focus on innovation, this group is committed to helping credit unions become leaders in education finance.
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Student Lending Blog

Our Student Lending Matters blog offers content for credit unions. You'll find the latest information on the student lending industry, news from Student Choice, market trends, and more. 

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