The Student Choice Difference

What sets Student Choice apart from other student loan options? Read on to find out.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

Credit unions are seeing the true impact of adding Student Choice private student loan solutions to their offerings. Find out what they have to say about their experience with Student Choice, our products, our support and our staff.

Hear from Student Choice Clients

We've partnered with more nearly 250 credit unions nationwide to offer a private loan solution for their members. Our clients offered their insights into what it means to be a partner of Student Choice in a video recorded at our Empower U conference - the only event in the financial space focused on the increasingly important role of credit unions in the higher education financing market.

Stephanie Musgrove, Affinity Plus FCU

"Credit Unions are not for profit, so sometimes we do have limited resources. When it comes to student lending, that’s a hot topic – people need student loans and there’s a big market for it. Student Choice is a great combination of understanding the student lending market and also the credit union market – merging those two together just makes sense."

Lidya Garcia, Baxter Credit Union

"To a credit union who’s considering working with Student Choice to offer great student lending products to their members – be prepared to work with people who are really passionate about student lending and providing benefits to members all across the country."

Kevin Hayes, Millbury

"Any time there may be an issue, there are people to call [at Student Choice]. They answer your question, they can help our members out just like we help our members out. It’s really an extension of the credit union."

Basil Parlett, Bank-Fund Staff FCU

"I've seen [Student Choice representatives] at the end of seminars sit for 20 or 30 minutes, just explaining what the FAFSA can do for them and how it all works. I don’t think you get that from any other lending solution."

Craig Boivin, UMASSFIVE College Credit Union

"We love the approach that Student Choice takes with the member-first mentality. Go out and find scholarships and other financial aid and then come to us fill in the funding gaps – that plays into who we are as far as being good financial advocates for our members."

Sarah Landram, Dupont Community Credit Union

"I've had great experiences working with Student Choice. Any time there are questions, any time things happen that maybe I need to get with them and get back with the member, they’re always there."