It's About More Than a Loan

Read how Student Choice loans are making an impact on borrowers before, during, and after college.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

Private education loans from credit unions are changing the future for more than 90,000 young adults nationwide. Every one of those borrowers has a story to tell, and we've collected stories from Student Choice borrowers to demonstrate just how important these loans are.


As a first generation Polish immigrant and college student, one of my main objectives was to make certain my parents' sacrifice was worth the trip into the United States. Investing in my own future would not have been possible without the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union student loan I received throughout three consecutive years. The application and acceptance process was simple and renewing in the following years was even simpler. With the low interest rate at the credit union, which is even lower than my federal loan rates, I did not feel financially strained.


Two years ago, the company that I was working for was downsizing. When I started to search for new jobs I noticed how many jobs I was automatically disqualified for because of not having a Bachelor's Degree. I made the decision very quickly that I was going to go back to school, but the school costs would completely rest on my and my wife’s shoulders. I looked at our credit union's website and saw that they offered student loans. Immediately I applied and shortly thereafter was approved for the necessary funding needed to pay for my semester's invoices.

I was able to complete my degree in 18 months, and seven months after completing my degree I was recruited by another company to take on a new sales role. I have been able to secure a great start to a better future because of the funding that was made available to me by my credit union.


Being the first in my family in America to attend college was a big accomplishment! Although, it was a joyful accomplishment, I was not as happy as I should have been because I knew college was not cheap. Joining Georgia’s Own was probably one of the best decisions before college that I have ever made. Receiving a Georgia’s Own Credit Union private student loan has helped me so much! Not only did it help me get into college, but it helped me extremely when I got accepted to the nursing program at the University of West Georgia. That was my biggest accomplishment in my college career. It has changed my college life.


My dream since I was a sophomore in high school was to become a nationally board certified Music Therapist, specializing in Hospice and Palliative Care. This career was my dream; however, I knew it wasn't lucrative and I may have some difficult financial decisions ahead. Through many scholarship applications I lowered the tuition at my dream college and knew with the right interest rate on a loan I could easily attend my dream college! Wright-Patt Credit Union was very helpful when I first applied for a loan. I had no idea what I was doing and everyone I spoke to was so personable and seemed to actually care! I now work as a board certified Music Therapist at a large Hospice where we serve approximately 900 patients and their families.


My journey began senior year of High School. Acceptance letters and scholarship packets came out, yet I found myself “x” thousand dollars short of attending the University of Dayton, a private, Catholic learning experience. I recognized this obstacle as a real challenge as I pay my own way through the upper-level school system. If I wanted to attend this phenomenal university, I was to find third-party means to achieve that goal.

Day Air Credit Union supported me in this mission, and has continued to support me since. That senior year, the UD credit union branch manager invited me to sit down and discuss my four year plan and financing. She found a plan that fit my needs with low interest and helped explain the process to me regarding loaning money and the importance to pay interest as the money is borrowed.Since I accepted my line of credit, I pay the accrued monthly interest and started my future investment into a mutual fund.


When I made the decision to transfer to a university far from home, I knew I was going to incur costs that I wasn’t sure I could afford. After I calculated how much in federal loans I would receive, I felt stuck and frustrated. It just wasn’t enough to pay for tuition, rent, and everything else like textbooks and living expenses. Friends of mine recommended I look into a student loan at Catholic Federal Credit Union and it has made ALL the difference in the last few years. The woman I worked with was so kind and helpful, making it simple and easy to see why so many of my friends went there for their student loan needs. The personalized customer service I received is the main reason they are still my primary credit union today, even though I’m living a few hours away. The extra loan for the next couple of years helped me afford a place to stay in a safe neighborhood, and it covered the cost of all my textbooks and extra class expenses while I successfully completed my college education.

Today, just a few years after applying for my first loan at Catholic Federal, I am the new Executive Director at a local nonprofit called Open Roads Bike Program. We teach youth bike mechanic skills and social skills in order to better prepare them for their future, and I am so grateful to be in this position. Thanks to my local credit union, I was able to be better prepared for MY future and the career I am in today!