Credit Union Student Choice

The private student loan solution created by credit unions for credit unions.

Student Choice Loan Solutions

Student Choice offers private lending solutions for undergraduates, graduate students attending business school, and college graduates who are looking to consolidate or refinance their outstanding private student loans. Our holistic solution help credit unions leverage their balance sheet lending capability to deliver much-needed financial education and a fair-value loan that features zero an innovative structure and flexible repayment terms.

Student Choice Loan Solutions




Our flagship undergraduate line of credit product was designed to fill the funding gaps that may exist after all-lower-cost sources of aid have been exhausted.


Graduate Business

Our Graduate Business School loans help those pursuing their graduate business degree.


Student Loan Refinance

Help members tackle their high-rate student debt with our Student Loan Refinance program.

Learn more about In-School Solutions

Learn About In-School

Learn more about Student Loan Refi

Learn About Student Loan Refi

Meet Allison

"Coming from a family that has never been to college, working with a credit union really helped me understand the process to getting my tuition paid for. They explained everything to me about how it gets sent directly to the college and every year you can adjust the amount you want to borrow. I never really thought college was in my future because of the massive amount you have to spend on tuition, housing and food. Using a credit union made it possible for me to attend college, graduate and work in the career field I have always dreamed of. I am now in the process of paying back my loan and everything is very simple online and is directly taken out of my account when it’s payday."

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