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Student loan debt is the number one financial stress for the emerging workforce. But now, thanks to a unique partnership between Credit Union Student Choice and, your credit union will have discounted access to the most innovative suite of student-debt-centric employee benefits available in the market today!


A Debt Crushing Partnership

Gain a better understanding of our partnership with FutureFuel in this CUbroadcast interview with Credit Union Student Choice President / CEO, Scott Patterson, and Laurel Taylor, founder of FutureFuel.


Launch Your Student Loan Benefit Program


By working with Student Choice and adopting the solution, you’ll be able to offer a new benefit, via a branded experience, that creates less stress, less absenteeism, and more focus for your employees. In addition, you can help employees save money and simplify payments by offering the credit union’s student loan refinance solution within the dashboard. And you’ll even have the opportunity to extend value to important select employee groups (SEGs) while marketing your refi solution!


Financial Health and Wellness for Your Employees


Education content designed for your organization and employees

Rollup ROLL-UP

Simplify the management of all student loans in one place


Offer your very own CU offering to your employees


Sweep dollars to debt through spare change


Help employees crush debt with employer contributions


Be part of the solution

Looking to retain your most talented employees? The numbers backup offering student debt repayment as a benefit. According to a 2017 survey, 86% of young workers would commit to working five years for an employer that helped them repay student loan debt.

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