Last Minute Spring Break on a Budget

If you didn't plan or save for a huge college spring break trip, fear not – there are plenty of options still available! You likely won't be heading out on a week-long trip to a tropical destination on such short notice, but you can still arrange some fun – and cheap – outings. Here are some tips for making the most of your spring break.

Get Back to Nature and Unplug

Look into cabin rentals at a nearby state park, and invite friends to split the cost and help provide food and necessities. Consider making your stay device free – turn off technology and go old school with card and board game tournaments for entertainment. If weather permits, take time to hike and explore the surrounding areas.

Look Locally

Check out the visitors' bureaus or community calendars in your hometown or college town to find new local points of interest. Museums, restaurants, festivals, farmer's markets – there may be new locations to explore right in your own backyard. Branch out and try a new type of cuisine or take a guided art or history tour to connect with your community. Don't forget to ask about student discounts!

Get Fit

Try some new fitness classes at your rec center or local gym, particularly those you wouldn't normally explore. Go rock wall climbing, drop in for a hot yoga class, or grab a friend to play some racquetball. You just might discover a new hobby! If you don’t have a gym membership, ask about a trial membership – many gyms will offer them for free or at a discounted rate to allow you to try their facilities.

Meet Friends in the Middle

If you have friends who attend school in a different part of the country who you'd love to see, check out the What's Halfway website to find a meeting place halfway between your locations. Select search options such as accommodations, night life, shopping or food/drinks to see what's available in the area. Up for a road trip? Use the Journey Planner feature to map out additional stops along the way.

Visit Family

Sure, it isn't the same as partying all day at the beach, but it will be much more rewarding in the long run. Visit grandparents, cousins, or other family members you don't regularly see, whether they're nearby or a short road trip away. Take plenty of photos to share with other family members to document your visit.

Tip: if you're going to be traveling out of state, notify your financial institutions for your debit or credit cards so they don't put a freeze on your accounts for suspected fraud!


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