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Do I have to refinance all my student loans?

You can refinance all or some of your student loans - whichever option is best for you. Some borrowers choose not to refinance their federal student loans so they can hold on to existing benefits such as income based repayment plans or loan forgiveness.

Do I have to refinance all my student loans?2021-10-20T14:54:01-05:00

Can I use funds to pay for books or off-campus housing?

Our private student loans can be used for any items listed in your school's cost of attendance, or other education-related expenses. The amount you are eligible to borrow will be certified by your school, and the funds are sent directly to your college. If some of the loan will be [...]

Can I use funds to pay for books or off-campus housing?2022-01-28T15:47:04-06:00

Do I have to apply every year?

With our undergraduate and graduate line of credit products, you will only have to complete the application process once. However, your loan is subject to annual review and credit qualification, and you must continue to meet your school’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and enrollment requirements.

Do I have to apply every year?2022-04-26T09:43:43-05:00

How long will the process take?

Processing times vary based on time of year, document submission, and the school’s own certification process. In general, you can expect the process to take anywhere from 5-45 days, depending on the documentation available.

How long will the process take?2022-02-09T08:20:07-06:00

Will I need a co-borrower?

A borrower is not required to apply with a co-borrower. However, applying with a credit worthy co-borrower may improve a borrower’s chance of meeting the credit union’s approval criteria and potentially qualify for the line of credit at a lower interest rate.

Will I need a co-borrower?2022-01-28T15:48:47-06:00

What should I know about the CARES Act and refinancing federal student loans?

The CARES Act was passed in response to events related to the Coronavirus pandemic and includes broad relief measures for federal student loan borrowers. If you are considering refinancing your federal student loans, please make sure to review these measures at to understand your options.

What should I know about the CARES Act and refinancing federal student loans?2021-05-07T10:10:03-05:00

Why choose a credit union?

Credit unions operate to serve their members and communities. One way they do that is by promoting thrift and offering competitive rates with a focus on the best interest of the borrower – in this case students. When you choose your credit union to pay for college, you’ll benefit from [...]

Why choose a credit union?2022-01-28T15:29:49-06:00
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