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What is graduated repayment?

Graduated Repayment is repayment of principal and interest using an extended amortization period intended to lower the monthly payment amount, after which payments are higher and based on the remainder of original term.

What is graduated repayment?2022-02-09T07:57:21-06:00

Who will service my loan?

University Accounting Service (UAS) will service your loan. Once your loan has been disbursed or entered repayment, you may contact UAS with questions, or access your account online.

Who will service my loan?2022-02-09T08:05:52-06:00

Can I receive a discount for setting up ACH payments?

Many of our credit union lenders offer a 0.25% interest rate reduction when the borrower signs up for automatic debit payments and is in active repayment. We recommend reviewing the credit union lender's website for details about a potential discount for automatic payments.

Can I receive a discount for setting up ACH payments?2022-02-09T08:14:22-06:00
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