Helping Members Make Smarter College Choices

Recent news has brought to light a college admissions scandal in which wealthy individuals paid for falsified test scores and athletic achievements in exchange for admission to an elite college. Obviously this isn't the right way to make higher education dreams a reality! But it also leads to the question - are these elite colleges really any better than a local private or state university? According to an article from NPR, not necessarily. So how can families elicit unbiased data and advice to compare the real costs and benefits a degree from specific colleges and universities? 

Student Choice has always been dedicated to helping credit unions provide college students and their families with responsible solutions for higher education financing. We also realize much of that process begins long before members need a private student loan. That’s why we’ve partnered with Edmit to provide credit unions with a branded, online platform that helps members compare real college costs, specific to their income and test scores, to determine the best financial and academic fit.

Founded by recognized university leaders, Edmit provides personalized insights and advice to help families make smarter college choices, leading to less debt and better earnings outcomes. By providing basic information related to household income, grades, and test scores, families receive expert advice and personalized recommendations on the colleges that best meet their needs. In addition, members will even be able to access professional guidance to help them gain peace of mind they are making the best decisions in choosing and paying for a college.

By partnering with Student Choice via an annual license, your members will gain discounted access to the most impactful college planning tools in the marketplace today. Your credit union already provides guidance to members on important life decisions such as purchasing a home or planning for retirement; why not add the benefit of preparing the next generation of credit union members for a lifetime of financial success?



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