In both good times and challenging times like we face today, Student Choice and our partner credit unions (more than 250 across the nation) are here for you. With clear guidance and flexible funding, we’ll give you the resources you need to responsibly fill college funding gaps.


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Student Choice private student lending solutions are available from hundreds of credit unions nationwide. Use our search tool to find a credit union near where you live or attend school, or click here to view our entire list of participating credit unions by state.



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All lenders are not created equal. Find out what makes Student Choice and credit unions unique.

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Choosing a private student loan is a major decision – we have educational tools to help.

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"My overall experience with Georgia's Own Credit Union was great. I needed financing for my senior year of college and the loan specialist was able to get a rate lower than other private student loan options I had previously looked at. The deferment period after graduation played a huge role as I adjusted to life within my career. I was able to successfully assimilate into adult life without worrying about immediately paying the loan back. I always recommend the credit union as an option to pay for school because you get the lowest rates available and the Student Choice specialists know how to best help for your situation."

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