Lend Your Voice to Student Choice!


There are many ways to finance a college education, including private student loans. If you've used a Student Choice loan from your credit union to help pay for higher education, Credit Union Student Choice wants to hear from you!

Our new Lend Your Voice website features stories from real credit union members who used a Student Choice loan to help achieve their college goals.

Do you have a story to share?

Just upload a photograph of yourself and in ten sentences or less, explain how your college education and credit union student lending experience have positively impacted your life. We’d love to hear:

  1. How the credit union lending process helped shape your financing decisions
  2. Your experience working with a credit union
  3. How your education has helped improve your life or how it has helped you in your career

Submit your story by November 30, 2015, and if we choose to display your story you will automatically receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card!



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