Student Choice Expands Focus on Helping Credit Union Members with College Planning and Selection via Edmit Partnership

Credit Union Student Choice announced that it has partnered with Edmit to provide credit unions with a branded, online platform that helps members compare real college costs, specific to their income and test scores, to determine the best financial and academic fit.


“Choosing a college, and deciding how to pay for it, is one of the most important financial decisions that young adults and their parents will ever make,” said Scott Patterson, President and CEO of Credit Union Student Choice. “Leveraging an intuitive, unbiased resource like Edmit to help reduce confusion and facilitate a logical, data-driven approach when selecting a college—as opposed to relying on emotion—is critically important for students and families.”

Founded by recognized university leaders, Edmit provides personalized insights and advice to help families make smarter college choices, leading to less debt and better earnings outcomes. By providing basic information related to household income, grades, and test scores, students and families receive expert advice and personalized recommendations on the colleges that best meet their needs. Additional benefits of the Edmit platform include side-by-side comparison tools and access to expert professional guidance.

“As a parent and former university leader, I understand how emotional and confusing choosing and paying for college can be,” said Nick Ducoff, Founder and CEO of Edmit. “We want to help consumers gain more control and confidence in their college choice. And we know that we can do just that by partnering with Student Choice to provide our innovative tool to credit unions. Together, we can help members even more at one of the most financially important moments in their life.”

Through the partnership, credit unions can pay an annual license fee (based on membership size) to gain access to a co-branded Edmit platform, whereby members will enjoy significantly discounted pricing.

“We’re thrilled to bring this powerful resource to credit unions and their members,” said Patterson. “Greater transparency early in the college selection process will help families make far more responsible choices and avoid excessive debt. This is a powerful way for credit unions to support their members’ financial wellness and enhance long-term relationships.”

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