Student Choice Launches iGrad Financial Literacy Platform



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Student Choice Launches iGrad Financial Literacy Platform

Washington, D. C. (August 6, 2014) – Credit Union Student Choice, the leader in higher education financing solutions for America’s credit unions, recently launched an innovative financial literacy platform in partnership with iGrad, an award-winning provider of financial education tools and resources. The platform is aimed specifically at college students and recent graduates to help them make smart decisions about paying for college and everyday finances.

“A continually growing number of young adults are faced with the financial challenges of attaining a higher education,” said Scott Patterson, President of Student Choice. “These students and families often find themselves with limited knowledge of how to best navigate the finance aid process, maintain a budget, and save for the future. Our partnership with iGrad allows Student Choice and our hundreds of partner credit unions to deliver much-needed financial help to students in an on-demand online format during a critical stage of their lives.”

Through the agreement, Student Choice has integrated iGrad’s standard platform into the cobranded websites of Student Choice credit union clients – nearly 250 nationwide. Before applying for a loan, students and co-borrowers are encouraged to complete a module consisting of videos, a short series of questions, information on career salary expectations, and interactive calculators to help them better understand the implications of borrowing for college. Since launching mid-July, nearly 2,500 borrowers have interacted with more than 13,500 educational pages in the new iGrad platform – 78% of which have chosen to participate in the pre-application module. The platform also provides resources and information on schools, career paths, budgeting, workplace expectations, repaying student loans, and even an interactive job bank to help graduates find employment in cities across the country.

“iGrad is a powerful tool that will help members make educated decisions at every step of their college career and beyond,” said Patterson. “This partnership with iGrad continues to drive home the fact that credit unions are best-practice lenders, providing not only fair-value loans but also the necessary information to help students make financial decisions that are in their best interest.”

According to iGrad CEO Rob LaBreche, both organizations work to put students and their needs first. “There’s a natural synergy between our two organizations, and I’m excited for the opportunities that lie ahead,” he said. “We’ve implemented our financial education platform at more than 600 college campuses across the country, helping over a million students in the process. We’re thrilled to work with Student Choice and bring this innovative program to the credit union space.”

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About Credit Union Student Choice
Credit Union Student Choice is a credit union service organization (CUSO) that positions credit unions as leaders in education finance by offering a comprehensive solution that helps them deliver fair-value private education loans and corresponding financial education to students and families. For more information, visit 


About iGrad
iGrad is privileged to partner with more than 600 schools nationwide to provide a financial literacy platform which connects more than 1.2 million students, as well as alumni and staff. iGrad is the only organization to offer a customizable, adaptive learning financial education platform with optional video-based student loan entrance and exit counseling.  For more information, visit


download the press release with screenshots here


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