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Tax Benefits for College Students

Did you know you can take advantage of special tax breaks just for college students and their parents? These benefits come in the form of tax credits and deductions when you file your income tax return. What’s the difference? A credit reduces the amount of income tax you have to [...]

Tax Benefits for College Students2022-01-18T12:47:56-06:00

Covering Second Semester Funding Needs

If you're a college student headed home for winter break, your mind is likely on sleeping in, spending time with family, and opening gifts - not on tuition payments. However, second semester will be here before you know it. Many families have faced financial challenges over the past year [...]

Covering Second Semester Funding Needs2022-01-14T14:25:44-06:00

Give Thanks for Your College Education – Your Degree Matters!

Is going to college and earning a degree really worth it? According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the answer is "yes." Earnings increase and unemployment rates decrease with education level. Their studies show: Workers with a bachelor’s degree had median weekly earnings of $1,305 in 2020, compared with [...]

Give Thanks for Your College Education – Your Degree Matters!2022-01-07T07:58:18-06:00

Why Refi With a Credit Union?

You've decided to refinance one or more of your student loans - now how do you find the right lender? With so many options available, finding the right option can seem overwhelming. While there are many factors to consider, here are several reasons to select a credit union for [...]

Why Refi With a Credit Union?2022-09-01T14:44:07-05:00

Five Steps to Student Loan Refinance

The idea of making fewer payments and possibly saving money on student loan repayment is appealing, but student loan refinance may seem complicated. Where should you begin? We've broken down what to expect in five basic steps to student loan refinance. 1. Compile a list of your current student loans, [...]

Five Steps to Student Loan Refinance2022-09-01T14:45:03-05:00

The Top 3 Times to Refinance Student Loans

If you’re making payments on private or federal student loans, or a combination of both, you may have considered refinancing or consolidating them. There can be numerous advantages, but when is the right time to refinance? You generally need to be in grace or repayment on one or more student [...]

The Top 3 Times to Refinance Student Loans2022-09-01T14:45:45-05:00

How Can I Use My Private Student Loans?

When you receive your award letter from your college of choice, you’ll see a couple of important numbers listed – the estimated cost of attendance (COA), and any financial aid for which you are eligible, such as scholarships, grants, and federal loans/work study. What is Cost of Attendance (COA)? The [...]

How Can I Use My Private Student Loans?2021-10-29T09:45:51-05:00

Federal Direct PLUS vs. Private Loans – Know the Difference

If you’ve exhausted scholarships, grants, and Federal Direct Loans to cover college costs and are still left with funding gaps, you might be considering Federal Direct PLUS or private student loans. There are some key differences between the two loan types that are important to understand – we’ve outlined the [...]

Federal Direct PLUS vs. Private Loans – Know the Difference2021-10-29T09:46:11-05:00

Ways to Pay for College – How to Fill the Funding Gap

Let’s face it – no one is accepted to college and thinks, “I can’t wait to pay my tuition bill!” College is a big investment, which is why it’s important to know your options, plan ahead, and choose wisely when paying for it. (Remember that filling out the FAFSA, which [...]

Ways to Pay for College – How to Fill the Funding Gap2021-10-29T10:12:15-05:00

Student Loan Glossary – A to Z

Paying for college can seem overwhelming - and trying to decipher the jargon that goes along with paying for college can be even more confusing. The Federal Student Aid Information Center is a great source of information for all things financial aid, and it provides an extensive glossary outlining the [...]

Student Loan Glossary – A to Z2021-10-29T09:46:18-05:00
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