It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. But if you’re not feeling the love for your student loans, now could be the right time to end that old relationship and refinance! When you refinance and consolidate your private, federal, and/or PLUS loans into one manageable loan, you’ll get the benefit of one convenient payment and could potentially lower your rate, saving money over the life of your loan. What’s not to love?

Refinancing your federal and/or private student loans can be a great way to consolidate payments and potentially save money on interest over time. However, refinancing may not be the best option for everyone. That’s why it’s important to research and discuss your options with an expert you can trust to see if it’s the right match. Our downloadable Guide to Refinance can help answer any questions you may have, and our College Counselor can also offer information.

If you’re in repayment on one or more student loans, let us help you fall in love with a new way to repay them. Learn more and apply online.


*By refinancing federal student loans, you may lose certain borrower benefits from your original loans. These may include interest rate discounts, principal rebates, or some cancellation benefits that can significantly reduce the cost of repaying your loans.

The pause on federal student loan payments and interest has been extended through 12/31/2022. In addition, the Biden Administration also announced that Federal student loan borrowers who earn less than $125,000 per year, or households earning less than $250,000, are eligible for debt cancellation up to $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients and up to $10,000 for non-Pell Grant recipients. For details, please visit or contact your federal student loan servicer. NOTE: These measures are strictly tied to federal student loans and have no impact on any private student loans you may have.