Join Jim Holt, Credit Union Student Choice's Chief Revenue Officer | SVP,  for free webinars to learn about the opportunity in private student lending. More than 250 credit unions have partnered with Student Choice to deliver strong value for member borrowers while meeting important business goals.

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Student Lending Solutions with CU Student Choice

Credit Union Student Choice is a CUSO founded back in 2008 by some of the nation’s leading credit unions and CUSOs. Since then, we’ve partnered with 250 credit unions and have assisted over 70,000 student borrowers with the higher education financing. Join us to learn more about who CU Student Choice is, the different solutions available for your credit union and how student loans can help attract young adult members. If you have questions before the webinar, please reach out to Jillian Gajtka (

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Peak Season Offers Peak Opportunity
With Credit Union Student Choice’s private loan solutions, you can deliver real value to young adults via solutions designed with them in mind. Our undergraduate and graduate solutions can help parents and students achieve their higher education goals. Our consolidation solutions can help recent grads lower their payments, ease their burden, and bring credit unions very valuable member relationships.