Simplify Your Life – Amplify Your Funds

As you leave college, your focus should be on finding a job and your place in the world – not worrying about how to repay your student loans.

One Loan. One Payment. Multiple Benefits.

Take control of your student loans with a Student Choice Refinance Loan from your credit union! You'll be able to refinance or consolidate your student loans into one manageable, convenient payment. Featuring a competitive interest rate and zero origination fees, our refinance loan can help you simplify your life while amplifying your funds.

What Types of Loans Can You Refinance?


Loan offerings vary by credit union.1
To find a credit union that offers the best solution for you, use our Find a Credit Union tool.


Federal Student Loans

including parent and graduate PLUS loans!


Private Student Loans

from banks or other lenders, including other consolidation or refinance loans.


Institutional Student Loans

loans made by colleges to fill funding gaps.

1 Loans subject to approval. Rates, terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

Calculate Your Savings

Use our simple student loan refinance calculator to estimate your savings before you apply. 

Calculate Your Savings

Who should refinance?

Refinancing your student loans may seem like a simple decision. You can consolidate your payments and potentially save money on interest over time.

However, refinancing isn’t the best option for everyone. Remember, if you refinance federal student loans, you may lose certain borrower benefits from your original loans. These may include interest rate discounts, principal rebates, or some cancellation benefits that can significantly reduce the cost of repaying your loans.

IMPORTANT: See disclosures for more details and view our guide to refinancing to learn more about the pros and cons.


Who is eligible?

  • U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have graduated from an approved public or private not-for-profit school2
  • In repayment or grace on one or more outstanding private or federal student loans
  • Able to pass a credit check (a co-borrower may be necessary in order for you to meet credit criteria, and may also help you qualify for a lower rate)
  • Eligible for credit union membership (you may apply without being a member of the credit union, but you will need to become a member in order for the loan to be funded)


2 Approved schools subject to change.


Christopher's Story

I began my student debt with another company who promised the moon and the stars, but the interest they charged and the hidden fees were a nightmare. After 3 years with them, I turned to my credit union.

I refinanced my debt to make the payments manageable for me. My credit union has shown great compassion and have been a real rock for me. In less than a year, I have paid down the loan more than I did in three years with the other company. THREE YEARS -  it is simply amazing! I cannot thank them enough.



Find a Credit Union & Apply

Student Choice private student lending solutions are available from hundreds of credit unions nationwide. Use our search tool to find a credit union near where you live or attend school, or click here to view our entire list of participating credit unions by state.


What is a credit union?

Credit unions are not-for-profit, member-owned financial institutions that exist to serve the financial needs of their member owners. Because credit unions aren't focused on making a profit, they value educating each of their members on which financial option would be best for their own situation.

Why borrow from a credit union?

Unlike for-profit banks and lenders, when you borrow from a credit union you’re supporting a local business focused on the needs of its members, not bank stakeholders. As not-for-profit financial cooperatives, a credit union can offer a fair-value loan that has your best interests in mind.

Who is Student Choice?

Founded in 2008 by several of the nation’s leading credit unions, Student Choice has enabled hundreds of credit unions to offer an innovative private student lending program to students and families. We provide loan processing and other support for credit unions so they can offer a better way for many students to pay for college.


Meet Ryan

"Two years ago, the company that I was working for was downsizing. When I started to search for new jobs I noticed how many jobs I was automatically disqualified for because of not having a Bachelor's Degree. I made the decision very quickly that I was going to go back to school, but the school costs would completely rest on my and my wife’s shoulders. I looked at our credit union's website and saw that they offered student loans. Immediately I applied and shortly thereafter was approved for the necessary funding needed to pay for my semester's invoices.

I was able to complete my degree in 18 months, and seven months after completing my degree I was recruited by another company to take on a new sales role. I have been able to secure a great start to a better future because of the funding that was made available to me by my credit union."

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